ICONIC Mega Bundle FLASH! Sale

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ICONIC Mega Bundle.png

ICONIC Mega Bundle FLASH! Sale

107.00 364.00

In this kick-ass bundle, you receive -

1.) Dress Your {ICONIC} Frequency DIY Kit (regular price: $200)
2.) Activate Your ICON Light Code Kit (regular price: $17)
3.) Recalibrate to ICONIC DIY Kit (regular price: $147)

Separately, the value is $364!!! But, not today m’lady!

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With these three digital downloads, you will - 

  • Learn what your elements are and how to express your unique style with effortless ease and grace
  • Go through sacred daily rituals to help you show up like the ICON you desire to be while experiencing mindset + energetic shifts
  • Get mega activated to connect with your inner fierceness to radiate and embody your ICONIC essence

Loads of FUN and transformation with this potent bundle of glitter and WOW!