Dress To Manifest Intensive

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Dress To Manifest Intensive

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My latest (available for a limited time) 1:1 program:

The Dress To Manifest Intensive!!!!

In this game-changing 2-hour intensive (which I’ve never offered in this way to before, btw), we will:

- Define the primary element of your style

- Understand what that element looks like visually and how to express it through what you wear to feel more at home within yourself and your clothes

- Create FIVE kick-ass, next-level MANIFESTING outfits to help you strut your stuff and pump up the volume on your magnetism!!!

- Learn energy techniques that will help you approach dressing in an entirely easy and mind-blowing new way

- BONUS: You will also receive a customized shopping list

This is done via video chat with Eyenie.

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Once you have made your payment and entered your information, you will be contacted to set up a date for your 2-hour intensive! If you have any questions, contact info@technicolorpriestess.com.