Quantum Style & VISIBILITY Makeover


For the badass who is ready to finally stand out and be seen

And magnetize a shit-ton of clients + patrons in the process


Because that's how they'll just know that you're the one for them


And the only way to do it is on YOUR terms because you're a rule-breaker, and it's part of why they love you... But they need to really see YOU in all your confident, don't-give-a-fuck glory!

One thing I love about Parisians is their different takes on luxury and how they use high and low-end clothes to create a feeling of chic in their own distinct ways. It's not about looking the same, but enhancing and showcasing their own quirks. This is the stuff of ICONS. 

Which is why it made me think of you... Because, let's be honest - you are an overachieving badass. You're avant-garde and unconventional and you do things differently.  


And you want to reflect that in the next-level iteration of yourself not only through how you dress, but also through your presence + energy


Why? So YOUR people - your dreamboat, ideal, soulmate, perfect clients, fans, patrons, etc. - can truly SEE and FEEL who you are. #EverythingIsEnergy

TRUTH - we live in a world of stereotypes where success and luxury and abundance tend to look the samey-same. And for the unconventional powerhouse, this just isn't a match. Trying to show up in a way that doesn't feel aligned for you (no matter how much you may think you "look the part") will send mixed messages to your ideal clients and patrons and frankly, make you feel mega yuck!

So I want to tell you that you don't have to sell out or conform or tame different parts of yourself to step into your ICONIC self. In fact, it's just the opposite! 


Check it:
The Red Sneakers Effect: Inferring Status and Competence from Signals of Nonconformity—an article appearing in the June 2014 Journal of Consumer Research—the researchers found that observers viewed a nonconforming person to have a heightened status and more competence, particularly when they believed the person was aware of the established norm but deliberately chose to make a fashion statement by wearing a standout style. This person was often viewed as autonomous; confident enough to act independently and create his or her own rules.
(Forbes.com; "The Manager in Red Sneakers").

Sacrificing your uniqueness in how you dress - your love for counterculture / irreverence / the avant-garde / the unconventional - is out of the question. And frankly, mega unnecessary! 


Embodying your ICONic self and having mad style on YOUR terms is where it's at!!! 

"But, how?!"


--> How to marry the two visually and energetically in your personal style?! 

--> How to give a chic rebel yell? 

--> How to dazzle, surprise and disrupt... with elegance? 

--> How to keep your goth or rock or punk intact while going Haute?

--> How to stand out like a mofo and REALLY be seen, and feel amazing + authentic about it?!

If you’re yearning to step into your next level ICONIC Visionary self, authentically, rather than a watered down carbon copy confined by rules and convention, then this was designed FOR YOU!


WARNING: This is for the woman who:

  • Feels ready for her personal style + presence to truly represent how far she has come and what a total badass she is!

  • Wants to go all-out and truly EMBODY her ICONIC Self

  • Is DONE trying to fit in

  • Wants to define what success + abundance looks like for her, without conforming

  • Is ready to EXPRESS herself fully from the inside out and STAND OUT

  • Is preparing to be in the spotlight for that TED talk, art exhibition, solo performance, expert panel interview, etc.

  • Knows she's ready to truly show up as the LEADER and ICON and command any room

  • Has a lot of magical shit going on - or plans to in the near future (travel, events, destination clients, retreats, etc.) and wants to curate next level outfits for all of it

  • Is over trying to figure it out alone and is giddy to invest in getting the support she needs

I know how busy you are jetting from hither to tither, working on growing your empire, managing your team, masterminding... So I've created this experience to be easy peasy, customized and VIP!


What your Experience includes:



Phase I: During our 3 Hours Together Via Skype, we'll

  • Go through an energy scan to see what's holding you back from showing up as your most ICONIC Self, from the inside out, and receive new ICONIC Light Coding.

  • Discuss your current style challenges so we can shift'em.

  • Do an energy reading for you and tell you what your elements are to define your Style.Essence. Then, show you how to translate your elements visually into your wardrobe and life.

  • Create a minimum of 5 totally new, high-vibe, next-level, chic-as-all-getout looks you adore using what you have in your wardrobe so you can feel ICONIC, effortlessly.

  • Define what pieces we need to bring in to make your wardrobe and style truly effortless...and ICONIC.

  • Talk hair + makeup ideas and techniques that you can begin using immediately.


Phase II: After our call, you get (and this makes this offer très unique)

  • A customized visibility strategy that will have you showing up like the ICON you are where your dreamboat clients + patrons can see you in no-time flat on and offline! Plus, help and support implementing it for one month.

  • Weekly prompts + dares to help you leap out of your comfort zone and STAND OUT!

  • A shopping board of outfit ideas and hand-selected pieces (for your elements/energies) you can click on to order whenever you desire. Curated by Eyenie personally.

  • Access to Eyenie for an entire MONTH via chat/Voxer for all your Quantum Style needs: outfit creation, mindset/energy support, packing for upcoming trips, shopping guidance, sacred closet purging, etc!!

  • Receive a Technicolor Treasure Box with a suite of accessories curated specially for you and your elements, delivered to you anywhere in the world.


Investment: $2,500


I want to pay $2,500 in full (click below!)

I want to do a Payment Plan (contact Eyenie via email to make arrangements: eyenie@technicolorpriestess.com)