Quantum Style Makeover VIP Day


You Didn't Come This Far To look like everyone else and fit in... 



One thing I love about Parisians is their different takes on luxury and how they use high-end clothes to create a feeling of luxury and chic in their own distinct ways. It's not about looking the same, but enhancing and showcasing their own quirks. 

This all made me think of you... Because, let's be honest - you are an overachieving badass, and you didn’t work so hard or come this far to look like everyone else and fit in!!

Howevuh, you know you’re ready for LUXURY...you’re hungry for HIGH END… you’re craving QUALITY. And we tend to see this being done in the samey-same way over and over again, which can make it feel like it's necessary to give up part of ourselves to step into the next level. Uh, this is so not true, yo!

Sacrificing your uniqueness in how you dress - your love for counterculture / irreverence / the avant-garde / the unconventional - is out of the question. And frankly, mega unnecessary! 


Luxury and Unabashed Individuality can be on the same team. 

"But, how?!"


How to marry the two visually and energetically in your personal style?! 

How to give a chic rebel yell? 

How to dazzle, surprise and disrupt... with elegance? 

How to keep your goth or rock or punk intact while going Haute?

If you’re yearning to step into your next level ICONIC Visionary self, authentically, rather than a watered down carbon copy confined by rules and convention, then this was designed FOR YOU!


WARNING: This is for the woman who:

  • Is DONE trying to fit in
  • No longer tolerates DIYing her photo-shoot (and has been mega disappointed with past photo-shoots) and want to make her next one ICONIC
  • Is preparing to be in the spotlight for that TED talk, art exhibition, solo performance, expert panel interview, etc.
  • Knows she's ready to truly show up as the LEADER and ICON and command any room
  • Has a lot of magical shit going on (travel, events, destination clients, retreats, etc.) and want to curate next level outfits for all of it
  • Is over trying to figure it out alone and is giddy to invest in getting the support she needs

I know how busy you are jetting from hither to tither, working on growing your empire, managing your team, masterminding... So I've created this experience to be easy peasy, customized and VIP!


What your Experience includes:



Phase I: During our 3 Hours Together Via Skype, we'll

  • Discuss your current style challenges so we can shift'em.
  • Do an energy reading for you and tell you what your elements are. Then, show you how to translate your elements visually into your wardrobe and life.
  • Create a minimum of 5 totally new looks you adore using what you have in your wardrobe so you can feel ICONIC, effortlessly.
  • Define what pieces we need to bring in to make your wardrobe and style truly effortless...and ICONIC.
  • Talk hair + makeup ideas and techniques that you can begin using immediately.

Phase II: After our call, you get (and this makes this offer très unique)

  • A shopping board of outfit ideas and hand-selected pieces (for your elements/energies) you can click on to order whenever you desire. Curated by Eyenie personally.
  • Access to Eyenie for an entire MONTH via email/chat for all your Quantum Style needs: outfit creation, packing for upcoming trips, shopping support, sacred closet purging, etc!!
  • Receive a Technicolor Treasure Box with a suite of accessories curated specially for you and your energies, delivered to you anywhere in the world.

Investment: $3,500
Payment Plans Available