She’s an avant-garde entrepreneur, artist, light worker with unconventional taste who is ready to take quantum leaps in her life and craft to carry out her glittering mission like a mofo!

She’s ready to raise her vibe and raise her visibility by truly BEing who she is from the inside-out, no matter what anyone thinks or what status quo and this “reality” may *try* to dictate. Pretending and trying to fit in is just not an option for her - for YOU - and NEON self-expression is the name of the game.


ICONIC Style Profile

Jessica Serran, International Leader & Artist + Founder of Becoming Artist, Czech Republic

Photography by Johana Posova (2 on left); Emma Rodrigues (right)             Styling + Art Direction by Eyenie.

Photography by Johana Posova (2 on left); Emma Rodrigues (right)            
Styling + Art Direction by Eyenie.


I feel ICONIC. I feel power radiating from my being and from how I show up in the world and I know that others see it and sense it.

Since discovering my Style.Essence, I move through the world with so much more confidence and know just how powerful of a creator I am and how it starts with how I carry myself, how I dress and how I show up for myself first and foremost. I have let go of needing to take care of others people's baggage, emotions and stuff and have finally chosen to honour myself first and foremost, to celebrate my style and to take the time to care for myself. I can finally say that I know that I have all the answers within and the ability to find them.

Since working with Eyenie, I’ve:

  • Put myself in a super high-vibe, high-end spa environment, felt completely in my skin there and presented my work total confidence to a well-known actress who is now interested in doing one of my programs.  
  • Had an exhibition of my art where I showed up dressing and feeling like iconic me, created every facet of the experience including a powerful speech and received feedback from guests that they felt emotionally alive and that the experience activated something deep within them.

These days, I’m radiant as I am. As big as I am. Sovereign. Connected to my desires. A woman who honours what she values. A leader. I truly do feel like a leader and I trust myself as that leader and as a powerful creator and visionary.

I am iconic because I use my Style and how I carry myself to emanate self-trust, engagement with life and a willingness to experience all of it.  I am iconic because I'm willing to love what I love, radiate that love from within and be a beacon of possibility for others.


ICONIC Style Profile

Theresa Nutt, Founder of Closeted Creatives, USA

Photography by Marly Meghelli // Styling + Art Direction by Eyenie.

Photography by Marly Meghelli // Styling + Art Direction by Eyenie.


She helped me dig deep, fly high and show up in my life in a whole new way! Eyenie is a game changer!

I know I am dressing in ways that I love. I feel like I am being more authentic in several ways in my life. I feel more alive and vibrant. I am exploring how I want to show up in the world in my work and personal life. And I am learning to see myself as beautiful.

Since working with Eyenie, I’ve:

  • Lined up speaking engagements and workshops for 2017
  • Ended a relationship that wasn't a good fit for me
  • Redesigned my work to fit myself better

I feel really alive when I dress the way I want. I receive a ton of compliments. I feel more myself in every way.

And, I am letting myself be very magical and fantastical. But at the same time, powerful.  I am also allowing myself to be vibrant and imaginative!


ICONIC Style Profile

Erica Orosco Cruz, Founder of Home School Garden, USA

Photography by Emma Rodrigues // Styling + Art Direction by Eyenie.

Photography by Emma Rodrigues // Styling + Art Direction by Eyenie.


Eyenie not only gave me Paris, she gave me comfort in my own clothes... and my own skin.

This experience was magical! learning about my Style.Essence helped me re-discover my closet, making it feel new to me - this work helped me get out of my head and into my body quite magically.

And to my surprise, I didn't have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe to match to my Style.Essence - I already had pieces that spoke to me yet I didn't know how to listen to or trust my intuition when it came to putting them together. This is so not the case anymore!

Let Eyenie hold the vision with you and you will be amazed at the beauty you co-create! Her eye for fashion and art direction allow magic to unfold, making the experience one you can cross off the bucket list. I have amazing shots for my business website and feel so authentic. It was all more than I could have imagined!



Amy Humphries - High Res-29.jpg

Finding your Style.Essence is a transformative experience every woman who’s ready to truly BACK HERSELF should experience.


I’ll be honest, I used to think that style was something fluffy  meant for others… and whilst I admired other women who truly respected their own style, I just couldn’t connect the dots with how to make it relevant for me.

Working with Eyenie changed all of that. She’s part mystic, part healer, 100% intuitive badass and the BEST role model for self-respect and personal empowerment that I’ve ever met.

I’ve gone from slouching around in my plethora of GREY and BLACK joggers, to treating myself with the love and respect that was dying to be felt and letting my true colors shine.

My recent photoshoot went off without a hitch and I LOVED the pictures and it all came down to the prep (and inner work) I did with Eyenie.

Back yourself 100% ladies. Hire Eyenie, she’s the real deal.

Amy Humphries, Marketing Strategist & Navigatrix at I Run This Ship, England



Photography by Esther Neutre // Styling + Art Direction by Eyenie. Paris.

Working with Eyenie brought a lot of color and fun into my life. After being one of those women (for years) who dreaded opening her closet and feared her lack of fashion sense, Eyenie helped me to find my own authentic Style.Essence and shift my relationship to my wardrobe.  As a person, she is so incredibly fun and amazing to work with, and as a stylist, she approaches fashion and style from a place of expression and presence that was previously foreign to me.  

This unique work has allowed me to step into full power through authentic expression.  So that I am showing up as a badass, rather than coaching from my yoga pants! I’ve stepped into the most powerful, most sassy version of ME...

Kelly Atwood, Mindset Strategy Coach for Spiritual Entrepreneurs, USA


Rocky Callen_AFTER.jpg

I was astounded by the depth, soul and magic of my work with Eyenie.

She digs in so deep that you are completely honest and open to who you TRULY are as you discover how you can express that truth in the the way you dress and show up in the world.

She is not a stylist. She is a truth seeker and light worker and badass at making you feel expansive, whole and ignited by the style that you were meant to rock. It was an amazing investment thatt not only got me to see style and my wardrobe differently, but honestly illuminated parts of who I AM so that I could express my whole self more fully.

Hire Eyenie if you are ready to show the REAL you to the world and look amazing doing it.

Rocky Callen, Author, Speaker & Book Coach, USA


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