ICONIC To The Core 4-Month Experience



What does it mean to be ICONIC to the Core? 



You've done the inner work. You've expanded and grown and stretched yourself more than you ever imagined. 


You've achieved success in your business and have found your stride as an expert and entrepreneur. 

You're up to BIG shit. MAGICAL shit. LIFE-CHANGING shit. NEXT LEVEL shit. And you can feel it's time to connect with Quantum You - your Higher Self - to confidently navigate everything that's on the horizon and beyond... 


In your heart and soul, you know you're an ICONIC Visionary. However, something feels off and out of alignment. When you look in the mirror and how you move through your world, it doesn't quite match just how far you've come on the inside and in your craft/business.


It's time to truly BE ICONIC You, from the inside out. 


::: To express your beauty and activate your magnetism. 

::: To pump up the volume on your self-care in an easy, graceful and doable way.

::: To effortlessly express your Style.Essence in every aspect of your daily life.

::: To feel amazing, confident and powerful in your own skin, and exude that no matter where you are or what you're doing.

::: To show up in every aspect of your life as the most beautiful, radiant and authentic version of yourself  - you know, the one who commands a room without even trying.


We'll talk hair and what's next for yer 'do!
We'll talk makeup techniques and products that match who you are!
We'll be all up in your closet helping you adorn yourself effortlessly as the ICON you are!
We'll talk posture, movement, presence - all of it - so you can move through your world in the same way Quantum You does in your journal entries, vision boards and visualizations.


This is equal parts deep and powerful // fun and exciting. As within, so without at its finest. 

What your Experience includes:



One-on-One Time

  • Kick-off 3-hour deep-dive. We'll see where you're at, and I'll get acquainted with your current world (closet, self-care products, make-up, etc.) as well as your desires and your legacy!
  • Two 60-minute Skype sessions per month (or can be split into 30-minute weekly sessions depending on your schedule), for four months.

We Have Your Back

  • As-needed support in between sessions via chat and/or email.
  • Energy clearings, outfit/makeup support, anything you need.
  • Two "emergency" sessions to use over our four months together.
MEME_3 (2).png

Quantum Beauty + Energy Support

  • One personalized Sacred Beauty Light Activation per month.
  • Self-care recipes, rituals and energy recommendations based on your needs and desires.

Curated Surprises + Amenities

  • 2 custom Pinterest boards with clothes and other items you can click on to purchase (depending on your needs and desires, like travel, spa time, retreats, etc.)
  • Monthly surprise boxes delivered to your door with curated gifts hand-selected to engage the senses and support you in embodying ICONIC You.

By Application Only
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