ICONIC Stage persona + presence





But you're hanging out in the shadows...


because, what if you go out there and people think you're a total fraud? 




Whether it's to sing, speak, do your one-woman show, star in your own performance art vids, or introduce your paintings to the world at an international exhibition, you know you belong center stage, with all peepers squarely on YOU.

The desire to be SEEN and HEARD as the Artist you know yourself to be has been burning inside of you for as long as you can remember.


But you've shied away from being the center of attention because you know that the way you're currently showing up is not a match for the ICON who lives within. The Woman who turns heads, commands every room and says I AM A FUCKING STAR without uttering a single word.


Like Ziggy Stardust to Davide Bowie
Sasha Fierce to Beyonce
Slim Shady to Eminem...


YOU have an ICON inside of you, and it's time to give her life!

But, you're showing up as a toned down, safe, "normal" (whatever the eff that means!) version of yourself...but you’re craving to finally give the ICON a fucking voice. She is screaming and pounding to come on out so you can finally own the shit out of the stage and get your art out there. 

It's time.  


Your ICONIC Identity - your truest artistic ESSENCE - is ready to be expressed, and I want to be the glittering guide who helps you unleash her unto the world!! 



Your adoring audience, raving fans, ecstatic followers, faithful readers and inspired patrons deserve to see YOU!

Not the watered-down, safey-safe version that has STOPPED you from booking gigs, doing videos and promoting your next HUGE event, concert, exhibition or performance!!!


Time to embrace, express and EMBODY those parts of you that you've kept under wraps for fear of making others feel uncomfortable.

Admit it - there's part of you that yearns to be...

The Center of FUCKING Attention


On YOUR terms. As turned the WAY ON UP (glitter, wigs, confetti et al) or nice and turned down as you want. It's YOURS, after all.


Take a deep breath... It's time to stop trying to edit/fold/censor/distort/put duct tape over the mouth of your true nature. 

WARNING: This is for the woman who:

  • Is DONE trying to fit in
  • No longer tolerates hiding out in the shadows, letting opportunities to be on stage pass her by or fizzle.
  • Is truly ready to do what it takes to step into ICONIC
  • Is preparing to be in the spotlight for that concert, TED talk, art exhibition, solo performance, expert panel interview, etc.
  • Knows she's ready to truly show up as the ICON and command any room, and be center stage
  • Isn't scared of pushing the envelope, experimenting and curating the ICONIC Stage Persona she has within
  • Honors her art and is willing to invest in pieces that will take her signature stage looks to the next level
  • Is over trying to figure it out alone and is giddy to invest in getting the support she needs for her stage outfits and presence

You're up to big shit. Now you'll BE the woman who is ready to step into it and on to the stage of it all!




Working with eyenie gave me a framework for my personal style that allowed for my authentic self-expression...

What a transformative experience that held space for all aspects of me, integrating them into the art that was my *photo-shoot in Paris!

The energy work and clearings Eyenie provided was invaluable.  As an artist I still use pieces and elements of what we created together as a part of my artwork.

I've been able to apply what I learned into my art and professional live events for entrepreneurs and artists.  I highly recommend working with her! 

Make it a to do for yourself!


 //Isabelle Rizo
Mixed Media + Performance Artist, Business Mentor & Innovative Consultant. Chicago.


*Photo by Esther Neutre. Styling + Art Direction by Eyenie. Paris, France.


your Experience includes:


Phase I: Exploration

Here, we get are after mega clarity! The goal is to know your Inner ICON and get down to the nitty gritty of who she is, what she wants and the Stage Persona she is ready to express! In a three-hour deep dive, we will - 

  • Take stock of where you're at with your style, what's in your closet and where you desire to be with how you dress + show up.
  • Understand your elemental makeup and how it expresses, and what that means for the energy of your personal style.
  • Meet your Inner ICON and learn what she stands for + how she expresses herself on stage.
  • Define her Artist Style.Essence (aka, her signature style), and how it translates visually into clothes, including a style elements reading.
  • Explore some signature stage looks that will help your ICONIC Stage Persona to take shape.
  • Play with some with hair + makeup ideas.

Phase II: Implementation

After we get clear on who your ICON is, we then start taking action to allow her to manifest into this reality, before your very eyes and on the stage! Over the course of eight weekly coaching sessions, we'll -

  • Curate signature ICONIC pieces for you to wear on stage and begin shopping (I'll be there every step along the way, even between sessions).
  • Design two one-of-a-kind pieces and walk you through the process of having them custom made. 
  • Do ICONIC Light Coding and Activations to allow you to truly embody this ICONIC Stage Persona from the inside-out, both on and off stage (because it's an energy thang).
  • Plus - you'll receive a box of locally designed, hand-selected accessories to add to your ICONIC wardrobe, directly from France!
MEME_5 (4).png

Phase III: Action

Now that we have cultivated your ICONIC Stage Persona, created a wardrobe you feel WOW about, it's time for you to embody and own it all! To wrap up and and get you to the ICONICsphere, we'll -

  • Work together on body language, presence and how you're showing up overall.
  • Focus on getting you excited and ready for the stage. 
  • Tag-team on visibility exercises to get you warmed up and shining brightly in the spaces where you know your people happen to be (both on and offline).
  • Get you in the spotlight, in front of people, doing YOUR thing!! This is where the shimmering rubber hits the golden road, if you will. #AllEyesOnYou

Zee Breakdown:

--> One three-hour deep dive via Skype

--> Eight weekly 45-minute calls (over two months)

--> Access to Eyenie via messenger and Voxer the entire time

--> Curated style boards

--> Designs for your one-of-a-kind custom-made pieces

--> A Technicolor Treasure Box of hand-selected accessories you can wear on stage

--> And MOST IMPORTANTLY: accountability, strategies and an action plan to actually get you on stage regularly by the end of the program!


The spotlight awaits you in ALL your ICONIC glory!

Investment: $5,000
Payment Plans Available