An exclusive membership group for Couture ICONS who are ready to amplify their style + energy on the daily!


Next-level inspiration, accountability, 1:1 support and magic to BE your ICONIC self unconditionally. 


No more excuses. No more waiting. ICONIC is now. 



You know you're an ICON meant for HUGE glittering things, with one-of-a-kind taste and style.

When you enter the room, you radiate like a mofo and people can't help but notice you in all your unique glory. It's an energy thang. 

And you've been doing "the work"... you're growing, expanding, manifesting, acting as if...

Yet, sometimes you forget or lose sight of who you really are.

Sometimes you go off-roading and feel like you've backtracked or regressed when it comes to how you're dressing and showing up in your life.

Sometimes you just feel uninspired and disconnected from yourself and your truest essence.



The ICONIC Atelier is a space to BE your essence, from the inside out!

As a member, you'll receive everything you need to stay in the energy of ICONIC - 


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Style.Essence Guidance + Inspiration

  • Receive trainings + tools to help you define your Style.Essence and Elements and finally understand your style and how to elevate the shit out of it. This includes one training per season to optimize your wardrobe year round.
  • Get inspired with new look ideas, prompts and receive personalized attention + feedback on your looks and style questions.
  • Count on support when coming up with looks for your upcoming photo-shoot, webinar, art exhibition, networking event, vacay, etc!
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ICONIC Energy + Mindset Tools

  • Gain access to all of Eyenie's new DIY kits, including the Recalibrate to ICONIC DIY Kit (regularly $147).
  • Receive ICONIC Energy Transmissions regularly in the private FB group to help you maintain a higher frequency.
  • Participate in regular challenges, dares and prompts to continue to expand and elevate in day-to-day life. 
  • Learn how to activate and embody your ICONIC Presence.
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Facebook Group:
A posse of like-minded ICONs

  • When you join, you'll immediately be invited to join the super secret The ICONIC Atelier Facebook group where you can connect with other ICONs for accountability and motivation.
  • Learn from makeup, hair, energy and other guest experts in special ICONIC Masterclasses in the Facebook group.
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The COUTURE Treatment*

  • Receive a Technicolor Treasure Box from France at your doorstep every quarter! Includes an accessories suite curated by Eyenie for your Style.Essence/elements.
  • Enjoy a 20-minute 1:1 style session with one of our resident Style.Essence Stylists every quarter.

    *With COUTURE membership only. You may upgrade to the COUTURE membership level at any time.


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monthly subscription - $47/month - BUY NOW

12-month Subscription - $444 (savings of $120) - BUY NOW



monthly subscription - $147/month - BUY NOW

12-month Subscription - $1,500 (savings of $264)- BUY NOW



Both 12-month subscription purchases are final and no refunds will be given.  Wanna take this for a spin and see if it's for you?  Sign up for a monthly subscription to start and then upgrade when you're ready. 
The monthly subscription can be cancelled or upgraded at anytime.