BE THE ICON : An Electric Ascension

A sacred gathering of 9 women.
A shit-ton of glitter and magic. Dazzling Sisterhood. An undisclosed location in France.
September, 2019.


This four-day full immersion experience has been created as a vortex to allow you the space, support, tools and alchemy you need to elevate and expand into the next level of yourself. I'm talking full-blown MAGIC, y'all.


It Is Your Time, ICON…

You've always known in your guts and in your ticker that you're unlike anyone else.

You've had a magic inside of you - a "knowing" - that you have tucked away.

And now, you're ready to unleash the shit out of it and ALL of your potential!

Instead of dimming yourself down, editing, censoring, folding all your WOW to make others feel comfortable
and give them space to shine, you're ready to not only embrace all of your power and magnetism, but activate it
full-blast to finally occupy all the energetic space that is yours by Divine Right. 

And your charisma has always been through the roof...but you never allowed yourself to let it out.

Enough is enough though.

That charisma is part of you and your magical makeup and you're done caring who it blinds or bothers. 


You're the woman who is meant to command any room.

You're the woman who turns heads and exudes that je ne sais quoi;
the one who attracts what she desires and creates out of thin air.


For 4 solid days, you and 8 other women

will re-calibrate to iconic


Highlights and Benefits at a glance

Get ready to go through the portal... and come out ICONIC


The Initiation:
Magic + Synergy As You Begin To Amplify


Sacred ceremony, rituals and activations like you've never experienced before. 

Exactly what you need to receive true transformation at a cellular level and
ease the transition to your ICONIC self.

Consider this to be  your initiation to the woman you've always known you're meant to be.

All in a safe, encouraging and mega enthusiastic container.

The Assimlation:
Fun, play + NEON Self-Expression


Will we be playing dress-up? You bet your bippy. Will there be DREAM shopping, dancing and silliness? Affirmative.

Top that off with some runway show
and scavenger  hunt action, and you'll
be ready to SHOW UP in NEON and express your ICONIC essence in
your photos! 

Live the magic of surrendering to FUN
and watch what flows on in!

The Embodiment:
Zee Royal Treatment + BEing ICONIC

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-12 at 12.37.15.jpeg

Show up to our top secret destination and jump into the magic.

Deeelicious food, wine, ease and grace during each phase to pair perfectly
with dreamy surroundings and being pampered by a technicolor team of experts. 

All to support you as you BEcome ICONIC You!


Elle stairs.jpg

“I am more centered and living my own life...

Wow, to be able to be in a group of girls from all over the world and yet be so alike. It felt comfy and joyful from the first moment we met and for me it felt like it could last forever. Let's create more sisterhood in the world, thanks Eyenie for showing us how to do that!

The shopping day was one of the best days of my life!! Yayyyy!!! Always have known that this is the way it is supposed to be. Shopping with sisters in total flow and alignment. Joy and laughter.

I would definitely recommend this experience to every woman because you give yourself a beautiful present which remains for a lifetime. It enables you to Live your Iconic Power. It is a token of self love and that is the source of spreading your light in the world. ”

//ICON Elle, Netherlands

Image from ICONIC photo-shoot at mystery chateau.

(Photo: Pattie Fellowes; Styling: Eyenie;
Makeup: Marjorie Delfau; Hair: Elodie Puech)

The basics

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-12 at 12.37.30 (1).jpeg

experience dates

September, 2019 (Exact dates TBA)


location | An undisclosed chateau in the south of france

You will receive detailed information including the city the chateau is located, best airports to fly into, transportation information, etc. as soon as you have completed Phase III. Why? Because a sacred experience calls for a sacred location, m'lady.

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-12 at 12.37.39.jpeg

Other deets | what to bring, schedule & other questions

Everything you need to make this a smooth and graceful voyage will be provided to you as soon as you're 1000000% IN and have completed Phase III. This includes an itinerary, packing list and other top secret information for the ICONIC 9’s peepers only.


“Discovering my Style.Essence in the bigness of France & the medieval magic allows me to feel into my own confidence and continue to grow and take off the old limiters as they come up in daily life…

This experience allowed me to step into the person I've always dreamed myself to be: A big, powerful lighthouse of a woman who is isn't afraid to step up and shine with all of her might.

Tuning into my unique Style.Essence and learning how to emit that through the clothes I choose to wear on a daily basis is like tapping into my superhero powers and showing people my true colors.

I already loved Eyenie before we met online, but meeting her and working with her in person made me burst into a cloud of confetti and stars :)

The women I met will stay in my heart forever and I see them as lifelong friends now. We will be a support system for each other as we keep climbing higher and deeper into the magnificence of who we are, and radiate each other's light back to one another. “


Image from ICONIC photo-shoot at mystery chateau

(Photo: Pattie Fellowes; Styling: Eyenie; Makeup: Marjorie Delfau; Hair: Elodie Puech)

What’s Included


Here's a break-down of what you'll receive during our time together...

  • 5 nights + 4 full days in a medieval chateau in the South of France with a group of fellow ICONIC badass women

  • Access to private chateau grounds + pool

  • All high-vibe, locally-sourced meals included during our time together

  • Top secret sacred ceremony and ritual 

  • Magical Excursions

  • Art Direction, Styling and Energy + Mindset support by Eyenie the entire time

  • Professional hair + makeup for your photo-shoot - psst, champagne may be involved, *wink*

  •  An ICONIC photo-shoot with TWO next-level photographers, who gets your energy and mission and sees YOU + 7 retouched photos to use as you wish

  • Magical gifts + curated surprises for each ICON

  • And more…!!!


Because this is all about surrendering and trusting (yourself, the Universe, your fellow ICONs...), this experience doesn't work how others do. You're a trend-setter and taste-maker... you are blazing trails and creating an empire the likes of which have never been seen.

So, we're not adhering to how things are done in *this* 3D reality. Ain't no ICON got time for that. 

That said, I will not be dazzling you with money shots of the (mega) stunning eye-candy of a chateau where we'll be staying. I will not be laying out a detailed itinerary for your consideration. I will not be giving you a play-by-play for your logical mind to be soothed. Cuz we’re going QUANTUM, ICON!

My mission is to create a circle of the Sacred ICONIC 9. In order to be considered, you must first trust, and then request access. 

Why? Because this is about creating alchemy, synergy and transformation at a cellular level, from the inside-out.


Can you dig, ICON?


If you have made it this far and your inner iCON is exclaiming, "hellz yeah, Let's DO This!", then congratulations! you have completed Phase i

To enter phase II of the Electric Ascension process,

please click on the button below and complete the form

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Eyenie Schultz, aka, Technicolor Priestess, is a an ICONIC Image Consultant + Style Alchemist who helps avant-garde badass women to express their essence fully, from the inside-out, so they can finally show up as the ICONIC Visionaries they are!

After years of hiding in the shadows and censoring herself, she was able to use self-expression + exploring personal style to heal, and finally achieve unconditional self-love. YAY!

She believes that dressing with intention is sacred and that when how we dress is elevated, it helps raise consciousness, creating real magic + alchemy in all areas of our lives.
Let’s get quantum!