Elevate yourself into that Mesmerizing, Mysterious, & Memorable version of you that is right beneath the surface.



The one who makes heads turn when she walks into a room.

The one who gently + powerfully commands attention with her confidence and swagger.

The one who elegantly refuses to take shit from anyone, compromise or shrink herself down.

The one who speaks up, gives herself permission and makes sure her needs are met.

The one who is totally, completely and fully expressed from the inside-out, and makes it look and feel effortless.

This easy-peasy 7-Day Challenge will teach you it's OKAY to dress by YOUR rules, to kick safey-safe to the freaking curb, and to sashay yourself right into the ICONIC style that truly represents you and the essence of your business + mission. Working from home or your favorite cafe, or even the library, doesn't mean you doing it in your yoga pants (unless that IS your business).

Time to OWN your ICONIC status.


Here's How The Dress Like An ICON Challenge Works

  1. You register for FREE (you'll receive a confirmation email letting you know you're IN, and how to get the most out of it)

  2. Check your email for your daily prompt/tip/tool/trick or insight and make some style magic!

  3. Go into The NEON Parlor Facebook group and post your selfies, videos and dares and start to see as you transform before your very own peepers

  4. Support other Visionaries as you all elevate the eff out of your style!

 Next. Level. Shit.