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Do you wish you could dump your entire wardrobe
and start over? 



You know you have amazing taste, and that there are some kick-ass pieces in your wardrobe...

But somehow the image you have of yourself in your mind is getting lost in translation when you try to put next-level outfits together. 

Here's the thing - just like in any area of life, we all carry limiting beliefs with us, and they can create tunnel vision and keep us stuck and unable to connect with our creativity and flow, yo. 


And personal style and how you put outfits together is NOT about thinking or what you specifically's about playing, exploring and having fun!

It's creative + intuitive! 


And when you have FUN getting dressed and feel KICKASS and CONFIDENT in what you're wearing, it's a total vibe raiser!

And you become more MAGNETIC and UNFORGETTABLE.


And here's the thing - It ain't what you have in your closet, it's *how* you're using it!

And I'm going to teach you how to MAGIC the sh!t out of it!

Join me for a kick-ass group journey where together we'll create some


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My closet was filled with treasure and I didn't even know it...

Working with Eyenie opened my eyes to all the possibilities in my closet! The session blew my mind and I felt an immediate improvement in my confidence level. So exciting!
-Clemence, France


During our time together we'll...

  • Learn a totally new technique that will not only blow your effing mind, but help you approach your closet with waaay more ease and grace! We're talking #gamechanger and a shit-ton of options you never realized you had.
  • Discover what types of clothes are a match for your energy (aka, your elements), and which aren't so you can clear your closet of any energy that isn't serving you or your swagger.
  • Play in your closet as a group to start transforming the "lead" you think is in your wardrobe into GOLD!! I'm talkin' 5 - 10 TOTALLY new outfits you ADORE that feel like you! And this will only open the floodgates to more...
  • Document outfits that really feel WOW so you can understand your "signature style", aka, Style.Essence, making your style way more effortless.
  • Learn about how to magically pair things in a way that will make your style unlike anyone else's so you can show up like a mofo in your life and business. You won't be able to resist selfies, videos and lives once you get your style groove on!



Pay in full - $297 USD - BUY NOW

Two payments of $155 USD - BUY NOW


I would have never thought to put this together before our call! 

Elle, Netherlands

How this works

--> When you join, you'll receive information for our LIVE Zoom video call happening on
Saturday, July 14th at 9 am Los Angeles  / Noon New York / 6 pm Paris

If you can't make it, do not fret! It will be recorded, and you'll be able to go through the same exact process at your own time.

--> The call will last up to three hours and we will be recorded

--> On the day of, you'll just need -
1.) access to your closet ( so we can PLAY!), including shoes and accessories
2.) something to take selfies with and,
3.) a mirror

--> I'll take the group through my signature Style.Essence process and you'll be able to ask questions, get feedback and get kudos and high fives along the way. Plus, get inspired by what the other participants come up with, as you inspire others!


By the end of our time together, you'll better understand YOUR style and how to dress for it, have kick-ass high vibe outfits
(at least 5!) using what you have in your closet already, and have a road-map for when you shop for new pieces!


PLUS! There are some mega NEON bonuses if you sign up before July 10th!!

BONUS 1 - Access to my signature Dress Your {ICONIC} Frequency DIY Kit (normally $200 USD)
BONUS 2 - One month FREE in my exclusive paid membership group, The ICONIC Atelier (normally $47 USD)
BONUS 3 - A Primary Element Kit that goes into more depth on your element (normally $12 USD)


What in the WHAAAH?! Yup, $259 worth of loot for FREE! YAY!


Join us for this magical style event!


Pay in full - $297 USD - BUY NOW

Two payments of $155 USD - BUY NOW