You Are About To Become The ICONIC VISIONARY You've Always Fancied Yourself To Be. And Every Aspect Of Your Life Rises To Meet You Where You Stand When You Do.


I know how effing important it is for you to express yourself as the avant-garde and unconventional ICONIC Visionary you are! You want your style to feel as memorable and distinct as you know yourself to be.

That's why I'm here - to help you express and connect with more of yourself from the inside-out. Raise your vibe, raise your visibility, and BE the total badass you are, NOW. No carbon copies in this hood. No samey-same up in here. No “once I achieve that goal, then I’ll start” ‘round these parts.

Time to Be who you truly are. Step outside of your yoga pants + over-sized tees, off-the-mannequin outfits and other safey-safe garb.

Elevate yourself out of your fashion comfort zone into the YOU you really want to be - the one who doesn’t look or feel like anyone else - and watch your life and your business transform with you.

It's gettin' haute in hrrrr...


I’m Eyenie (eh-zjeh-knee), the Technicolor Priestess and my mission is to raise consciousness through style and help unconventional ICONIC Visionaries like you to develop and communicate who you are from the inside-out, using your distinct Style.Essence. All so you can take a quantum leap into the next level of yourself NOW.


As resident Beauty Illuminator, Art Director, Curator and Stylist, every experience I provide has been designed to help you undergo profound transformation by being and expressing who you truly are, with ease, grace and panache.

After spending WAY too many years behind the scenes hiding and lurking (while craving desperately to be seen), playing it safe and turning my NEON way down, I decided enough was enough. There’s puh-lenty of room for all of us to be who we truly are, and turn that shit WAY up (to like an11)!

I’ve created this magical space as a haven for my fellow avant-gardistes from all over the planet to expand fully into the ICON within by supporting you with The 7 Pillars To BEing ICONIC To The Core.

If you’re new to this technicolor Xanadu, here are some places you can start -

→ Begin showing up as The ICON you are with this free 7-Day Dress Like An ICON Challenge
→Feel aligned with what you wear and optimize what's in your closet with this nifty + potent Dress Your ICONIC Frequency DIY Kit
→ Get on the Vlog train 




Graduating from Overachieving Misfit to ICONIC Visionary...

I grew up between two worlds - one in Mexico City with my maternal grandparents, family, and their shi-shi-la-dee-dah entourage; and another very different one in Denver with my single mom and her motley crew of lost souls. Though I tried desperately to fit into the sphere of affluent “beautiful people” I was surrounded by in Mexico with fancy dinners, proper etiquette, and picture-perfect women in their conservative-chic apparel, I always felt like an asymmetrical outsider looking in; so much efforting, and I could never get it quite right. I never fit in.

The world I was in when back in Denver was the polar opposite: scrappy, low-income, aimlessly rebellious and disheveled. I wanted more than just getting by and struggling to pay rent. I knew I had magic, and I loved the power of aesthetics and *knew* there was an ICON in me. Needless to say, I didn't fit into this world (which I fully rejected) either. I was seen as a snobbish extraterrestrial because I loved reading, learning and using words-of-the-day (yes, my dorkiness runs deep, y'all), and looking at French fashion magazines for inspiration….oh, while never rocking the boat, totally blending in and doing everything I was supposed to.

Stepping Into The Technicolor Priestess

Later, I would realize being in limbo between these two realms would actually be one of the greatest gifts of my life! What became most important to me was expressing my own unique voice and quintESSENCE versus trying to fit in or rejecting that which surrounded me - and without letting others' judgments of me (which ran the gamut from, "poor thing, she's not like us..." to, "she's such a goody two-shoes snob!") dictate how I showed up.

When starting my business, I was faced with this same seeming dilemma. Part of me was seeking approval, you know, trying to “fit in” and “do things right” and “look credible”. Another part wanted to be quirky and loud and real and ME. Like they say, this is something so simple, but not fucking easy at all.


What ultimately happened is that I shut down and heard crickets in my business. Nobody could see me.

Eventually, it hit me: whether it be for my business or personal life, there were parts of both worlds that really felt like me, and that I wanted to express! The leather, lace and edge from my mom's biker rock-n-roll world felt just as delicious and true for me as my grandpa's tailored vests and grandmother's razzle-dazzle sequin gowns. Owning all these parts of me is how my StyleEssence was born. I am edgy and unexpected as much as I'm elegant and sleek - all of me can exist now that I've created my own style home within myself, and given myself permission to live as the Technicolor Priestess, my inner ICON.

The ICONIC To The Core Revolution/Movement

Clearly, I'm not the only one full of complexities, dichotomies, polarity and paradoxes. I help unconventional women like you to integrate all of these parts of themselves; to create magical synergy that allows them to express who they truly are in the world. It's like freedom through self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-expression, and it's so delicious, I want to give everyone a taste!

You’re a Visual Influencer, an ICONIC Visionary. Let’s get quantum!!